Happy 200th Birthday Franz Liszt!

Franz Liszt was the world’s first ROCK STAR. Born 200 years ago, women would attack him and tear at his clothes. Pull out chunks of his hair and fight over broken piano strings.

He was the inventor of the recital. The first to stride from the wings to the piano in a concert hall. He was the first to place the piano sideways so the audience could see the profile of him. The first to perform without the musical score and the first to move his body with the music and whip his hair so beads of sweat would fall on the women in the front row. Before him, it was considered arrogant to play without the score.

All students who agonized about having to perform in recitals and memorize music have only Franz Liszt to blame. Known throughout Europe as one of THE most technically advanced pianist of his age and perhaps of all time, a composer and a teacher. His influence continues on today in his compositions. Here is one of Franz Liszt’s famous piano compositions performed by Tom in the cartoon, Tom and Jerry.