Ivy Xiong


Becky was my piano teacher for Grade 4 and Grade 6 piano. Even though it was a short 2 years lesson with her, it was really inspiring and fun. Her passion for music is admirable. That passion made the music she played alive.

Her joyful attitude towards her teaching made the lessons meaningful and enjoyable. I remember when I was choosing pieces to play for each level, she would sight read the entire book for me so I can choose which one I like. I am always amazed by her sight reading skills.

Even though she is only playing through for me to listen, she plays each piece as though if she is in a concert. Becky understands and cares for her students. In her world, the RCM exam or a high mark is never the focus. She is always chasing after the soul of the music.

Even though I no longer studies piano with her, her enthusiasm will always encourage me, not only in piano, but also as I continue to journey through my life.

Ivy Xiong, Former Student, Regent Park School of Music.