Leon Karan


I am delighted to have an opportunity to write a little article for Becky’s Yuan web site.

When I look back to evaluate the progress among thousands of music students I taught – Becky could fit into the top 10 best category. It is not because she was my pupil for 10 years, it is not because she was not afraid to travel 60 Km for music lessons – it is because she has made stunning success in her professional development into a Great Teacher as she is now.

Becky is always curious in finding new ways to the most expressive, convinced interpretation of music she learned, to conquer the most technically and musically difficult pieces written for piano without sacrifice of quality. She loves music and in one of regular Leon’s Studio recitals she performed with my other student Mr. David Story selected works from Classic music, jazz and live improvisation on the theme given from the audience – all on two pianos! In her teaching practice Becky is implementing her knowledge of old and newest methods in piano pedagogy and her students are showing good results in getting through all piano playing difficulties with ease and enjoying the music to the fullest extent.

Becky is a very kind, caring person and good in organising charity concerts where her students are exploring other ways to share their love to music inspired by their teacher with audience and benefitting from that “Human Touch” experience.

And again, as I look back into my teaching experience I feel satisfied and privileged working with such a gifted musician.

Leon Karan., B.Mus. MFA. RMT. McMaster University