Lydia, 10

picture139My name is Lydia.  I’m 10, don’t judge me, it’s not my fault!  I’m in grade 8 piano.  I’ve been to 3 teachers and Becky is my 3rd. There was nothing wrong with the 1st one but the 2nd teacher is mean.  At Becky’s, she doesn’t get mad when I play something wrong and  I can talk to her in ENGLISH.

I’m in IB at school.  Mondays, I have nothing, Tuesday I have English tutor, Wednesday I have figure skating, Thursday I have art, Friday is free, Saturday is skating and then math and Sunday is piano.

I generally practice when I have time and it’s anywhere from 50 mins to an hour 20 mins everytime I’m at the piano.  With such a busy schedule I dream of summer when life is just sleeping, eating, and watching tv shows, but doesn’t everybody.