Thomas, 13


Hi.  I’m Thomas.  I’m 13 and I’m in Grade 7 piano.  Becky is my 2nd teacher.  This year has been nuts.  September, I started Intermediate Rudiments Theory.  Becky would give me 30 pages to do every week and if I didn’t complete them, I would have to do them in class on my couch.  My mom signed me up for the examination in December so we had a deadline to get everything done.  Half way through, I was sick with the flu and didn’t finish all the pages of the book until 3 days before the exam.  Luckily, I was able to get a 99% on my theory.  Then, my mom decided I was going to do my Grade 6 piano exam in April.  We hadn’t really started grade 6 because of theory, so I was in a crunch to finish that too.  However, I managed well and passed my Grade 6 piano exam with honours after just 3 months.

Piano is not the only instrument I play.  I also play the trombone in both of my school bands.  I am gifted in math and play hockey.  I even had to double up on my practice time in piano so I could go to one of my hockey tournaments.  With balancing hockey, band, and homework, it’s hard to find the time to practice piano.

I usually practice for half an hour before dinner and half an hour after.  I remember one time when I was practicing my scales, Becky got so bored that she decorated me with christmas lights…and PLUGGED ME IN!!.  It hurt my eyes.

I love the band Coldplay.  For Christmas, my sister got me a book of Coldplay songs, and I love learning to play them.