Teaching Philosophy

Music is a very personal and emotional art that must be taught from within. My goal as a teacher is to work with the students to make them think. To challenge them through interpretations of music to be the best they can be internally and externally. To teach the students the value of excellence.



Russian Piano Technique – First and foremost, there is a lot of emphasis placed in piano technique. The performance of scales, chords, arpeggios, octaves.  However, finger dexterity is not the only importance. One must perform with an artistic image in mind instead of looking for nuances.  As well, students are taught to see the idea of each piece as an individual piece with its own character.  Another characteristic, there must be active intonation of each sound produced instead of just “playing from the heart”. Lastly, the physical aspect of playing, emphasis is on the energy and weight of the body, arm and relaxation instead of using muscle power for sound.